7 Days to Die Giveself Command

This console command will spawn the item with the specified item ID in front of your character. You can optionally specify a quality level for the spawned item. Find a list of all item IDs at commands.gg/7dtd/items.

Giveself Syntax

The syntax for the giveself command is as follows:

giveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)]

This command has the following arguments:

Item IDThe item ID of the item you wish to spawn.
Quality Level (1-6)Optional - a number between 1 and 6 representing the quality of the spawned item - 6 is the highest (Magenta / Flawless), 1 is the lowest (Grey / Faulty). If you don't specify a quality level, the quality of the item you spawn will be 6 (Flawless).

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Giveself Examples

Find below working examples of the giveself command.

giveself airConditioner

The item ID for an Air Conditioner in 7DTD is airConditioner - this console command would spawn an Air Conditioner in front of you.

giveself gunAK47 6

AK-47 has an item ID of gunAK47. As we've specified 6 as the quality, this command would spawn an AK-47 with a quality of 6 (best quality).