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Below is's complete list of Spore cheat codes and console commands, from the latest version of the game on PC and Mac (Steam and Origin). These cheats are for all stages, including the Tribal Stage, the Space Stage, the Creature Stage, and the Civilization Stage.


How to Use Spore Cheats

  1. 1

    Press CTRL + SHIFT + C (at the same time) on your keyboard.

  2. 2

    Type in a cheat and hit ENTER .

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Some of the cheat codes in the below table will give you the Joker Badge - this disables achievements for your current game. Commands that give you the Joker Badge and disable achievements are indicated with the Joker Badge sign.

Type the name of a command into the search box below to instantly search our database of 28 Spore cheats.

Command Description Syntax

This cheat adds 150 to your current amount of DNA.

    Joker Badge

This cheat will give you more money. If you are in the Civilization stage, each time it is used, you will receive 2,000 more money. If you are in the Space stage, each time it is used, you will receive 1,000,000 money.

    Joker Badge

This cheat can do two different things. Firstly, it can unlock all game stages (levels -unlock), allowing you to start a game from any stage (either cell, creature, tribal, civilization, or space). Secondly, it can unlock all Maxis adventures (levels -unlockAdventures).

    Joker Badge
levels < -unlock / -unlockAdventures >

This cheat sets your consequence trait. Consequence traits give you 'super powers' which provide you with special abilities. See for a list of all trait codes.

    Joker Badge
setConsequenceTrait < Trait Code >

This command unlocks all super weapons (for your current stage/civilization type).

    Joker Badge

This cheat unlocks, and recharges, all Creation Tools when in Space Mode.

    Joker Badge

This cheat will fully restore your health and all other motives.

    Joker Badge

This cheat greatly increases the complexity limits that are usually in place when creating a creature in the Creature Creator, allowing you to make more complex creatures. Note that this doesn't allow you to make infinitely complex creatures, the limit is increased a large amount, but it isn't infinite, so if you make a creature that is too complex it will not be pollinated.

    Joker Badge
freedom < On / Off >

This cheat should be entered into the console when in the main menu. It will allow you to choose any creature from the Sporepedia when you start a new creature game. Evolutionary advantaged creatures that are usually locked when starting a game will be unlocked.

    Joker Badge

This command sets the time to the specified hour and (optionally) minute. 23 would set the time to 11PM, 1 would set the time to 1AM.

settime < (Hours, Minutes) >

This console command renames the selected planet or star to the name you specify. Select the planet or star you wish to rename, then use this command.

rename < planet / star < New Name >

This command adds the specified "adventure look" filter to your game's graphics (or disables a filter you've added). Adventure look filters change the way the game looks - e.g. the -filmnoir filter makes your game black and white. See argument information for a list of all filters you can use. Specify -none to disable an existing filter and return to normal graphics.

adventureLook < Filter Name >

This cheat code enables and disables (toggles) blocksmode. When blocksmode is enabled, creatures will render as their blocky meshes (i.e. as square outlines), instead of with their usual textures. As this is a toggle command, typing it again will turn it off.


This command will make a spinning GIF (animated picture) of the planet you are currently on and save it in the AnimatedAvatars directory.


This command clears all messages from the console.


This command exports the creature you are currently viewing as a collada (.dae) 3D mesh file.


This cheat enables and disables (toggles) freecam mode. In freecam mode all camera restrictions are removed, allowing you to zoom out the camera as much as you please, and move the camera to any location.


This command prints a list of all cheat codes to the console, or, if you specify a command as an argument, help for that specific commmand.

help < Command Name / -full >

This command sets the quality of textures for vehicles, buildings, and other entities. Lower settings increase FPS/performance, higher settings make your game look better.

highresTextureLevel < Off / Low / Medium / High >

This command has been reported as not working in newer versions of the game. It should print a list of commands you have entered into the console (i.e. your command history). You can optionally specify a number to view only that amount of latest commands from the command history - i.e. 'history 3' would list the 3 latest commands you entered into the console.

history < Amount >

This command will remove all hints from your game.


This command can be used to record your game. Recordings will be saved to the "Movies" folder which can be found in the "My Spore Creations" folder, which is in your Documents (Windows). See command page for detailed help and examples.

movie < -record [name] < -size [width] [height] < -quality [0-1] < -noUI < -noAudio < -noCrop >

This command can do three different things. It can reset all of your options to default (-reset argument). It can save your current options (-save argument). Or, it can set the value of an option (to a value you specify). Typing 'option' into the console without any arguments will list all options with their current values.

option < Option Name < Option Value < -save < -reset >

This command can be used show and hide the pause UI (that usually shows when the game is paused).

pauseUIVisible < -show / -hide / -toggle >

This command, as you might expect, quits your game (exits Spore completely).


The style filter cheat is similar to the adventureLook cheat - it changes the graphics of your game (e.g. making the game black and white). You can disable a style filter with the command 'styleFilter -none'. See argument information for a list of all style filters you can use with this command.

styleFilter < Filter Name >

This command toggles (enables and disables) the display of the UI in captured images (i.e. if you have this toggled off, screenshots you take via the game won't have the UI showing).


This command toggles (enables and disables) the display of the background in editors.


How to Open the Console and Use Cheat Codes in Spore

Spore is an amazingly complex and unique game. There are infinite possibilities as to where the game might take you. We're not quite sure if there are any other games on the market that allow you to play at a cellular level, as a creature, and as a civilization that's able to venture out into space - Spore's uniqueness is probably why it's still popular to this day, over a decade after it was released. Another reason for Spore's popularity is console commands, these are also known as cheat codes, and are typed into the console to unlock parts of the game, change game properties like the time, and do all sorts of other things. This is guide will show you how to open and use the console with cheat codes.

Before we explain how to use the console, you should be aware that using some cheat codes will give you the Joker Badge. The cheat codes that will give you this badge are indicated in our Spore cheats list with a purple colored "Joker Badge" warning. The Joker Badge is a badge that will disable achievements for the save you use cheats on - so if you want to continue to gain achievements on your current game, don't the indicated cheats!

With the intro and warnings out of the way, we can jump straight into the fun stuff - opening the console and using cheats! Fortunately, there isn't any complicated process involved in enabling the console, all you need to do is hit the following hotkey:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

Once opened, the console should look something like this:

The Spore console on PC and Mac

To use the console, all you need to do is type a cheat code (with your keyboard) into the text box at the bottom and hit ENTER to send it.

As an example, we'll show you how to use the styleFilter cheat, which applies filters to the game's graphics. One of the filters is the "-filmnoir" filter, which makes your game black and white (you can find a list of all of the filters on the styleFilter page). To apply this filter, simply add a space and -filmnoir to the end of the styleFilter command, like so:

styleFilter -filmnoir

To disable that filter, use the following command:

styleFilter -none

That's all there is to this guide, but definitely not all there is to this page. Scroll up to see our list of all Spore cheats or scroll down to view more guides like this one.

How to Unlock All Parts with Cheats in Spore

In Spore, there isn't a cheat code to instantly unlock all parts, but there is a cheat involving the freecam command that allows you to repeatedly collect the same pile of bones over and over again, which allows you to unlock all parts very quickly.

This cheat involves using the console, commands are typed into the console and sent by pressing ENTER. To open the console:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

You'll first want to find a pile of bones but don't click on them. Make sure you are very close to the bones - so that you wouldn't have to move to claim them. If you are too far away from from the bones, this cheat won't work. After finding the pile of bones, activate the freecam cheat by typing freecam into the console and hitting ENTER :

A pile of bones in Spore, with the freecam cheat code typed into the console

After activating the freecam cheat, click the bones and pause the game (at the bottom of the screen) as soon as you are notified that you've unlocked a new part. See the below image for more help:

Highlighted in this image is the unlocked part, and the pause button that needs to be pressed

Note that in the above screenshot we have already paused the game, so the play button is showing (if the game isn't paused the pause button will show where the arrow is pointing). Once you've paused the game using the pause button, zoom out as far as possible. Your game should look something like this:

The Spore game fully zoomed out to level that&#39;s possible only with the freecam cheat

After zooming out, you're going to need to zoom all the way back in. Then, unpause the game, and the bones that you just clicked on and received parts from will still be there!

Repeat this process as many times as you'd like, or until you unlock all parts in Spore for the creature creator. If this cheat didn't work for you, check the common issues below.

Common Issues

Below are some common issues that might help you if the bones aren't respawning for you, or if you aren't able to claim them.

Not Being Close Enough to the Bones

When the freecam cheat is activated, your creature can't move. This means, if you aren't close enough to the bones to claim them when you have the freecam cheat activated, this cheat won't work.

To fix this, make sure you are essentially standing on top of the bones - get as close to them as you possibly can before activating freecam and clicking on them.

Not Pausing at the Correct Time

There are two times when people pause that cause issues:

  • Pausing too early: If you are pausing before the parts unlocked icon appears (the bones will have almost fully faded out), the bones will still respawn when you pause and zoom in/out, but you won't unlock any parts. Make sure you wait long enough before pausing the game.
  • Pausing too late: If you pause too late and the bones have already faded out, zooming in and out won't make them renew. To pause sooner, get your mouse ready over the pause button as soon as you click the bones, and click as soon as the icon appears letting you know that you've unlocked some parts.

Pausing Using ESC

You need to pause the game using the pause button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen - not with the ESC key. If you pause using the ESC key, this cheat won't work.

Not Zooming Out Far Enough

If you don't zoom out far enough, this cheat won't work. You need to zoom out as far as you possibly can (i.e. when the game stops letting you zoom out further).

Also, if the game isn't letting you zoom out very far, you probably don't have the freecam cheat activated. Have a re-read of the part of this guide that explains how to activate that.

Unpausing Before Zooming Back In

You should zoom all the way back in before unpausing. If you're unpausing after zooming out, and then zooming back in, this cheat might not work.

How to Use the Spore DNA Cheat

Tired of earning DNA points by completing tasks? Well, you'll be glad to hear that you can use cheats in Spore to give yourself as much DNA as your heart desires!

If you haven't used the DNA cheat code before, you should be aware that using it will give you the Joker Badge and disable achievements for your current save.

Additionally, if you haven't used cheats in Spore at all, you'll probably want to know how to open the console - the console is the "text box" that you type cheat codes into (you send them by pressing ENTER). You can open the console by:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

After opening the console, all you need to do to to give yourself 150 DNA is type in the following cheat and hit ENTER on your keyboard:


Repeat this as many times as necessary until you reach the amount of DNA points that you want.

How to Use the Spore Money Cheat

Money makes the galaxy go round, or so they say, so it's great that in Spore, you can use cheats to give yourself lots of it. And what's even greater is that this guide is going to show you exactly how to cheat money!

Before continuing, you should be aware that using this cheat code will give you the Joker Badge and prevent you from obtaining more achievements on the save that you use it on.

First, you're going to want to open to console, you can do this by:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

After opening the console, all you need to do is type the following command and hit ENTER on your keyboard:


This cheat will give you 2,000 more money if you are in the Civilization stage, and 1,000,000 more money if you are in the Space stage.

Giving yourself cash isn't the only thing you can do with the console in Spore, in fact, there are over 25 different commands that can be used. Check out all of them on our Spore cheat codes list above!