Spore Pauseuivisible Command

This command can be used show and hide the pause UI (that usually shows when the game is paused).

Pauseuivisible Syntax

The syntax for the pauseUIVisible command is as follows:

pauseuivisible [-show / -hide / -toggle]

This command has the following arguments:

-show / -hide / -toggleSpecify -show to show the pause UI when paused. Specify -hide to hide the pause UI when paused. Specify -toggle to toggle the current setting of this command.

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Pauseuivisible Examples

Find below working examples of the pauseUIVisible command.

pauseUIVisible -hide

This command would hide the red flashing UI that usually shows when you press the pause button (not with ESC).

pauseUIVisible -show

This command re-enables the pause UI, if you have previously disabled it.