Spore Adventurelook Command

This command adds the specified "adventure look" filter to your game's graphics (or disables a filter you've added). Adventure look filters change the way the game looks - e.g. the -filmnoir filter makes your game black and white. See argument information for a list of all filters you can use. Specify -none to disable an existing filter and return to normal graphics.

Adventurelook Syntax

The syntax for the adventureLook command is as follows:

adventurelook [filter name]

This command has the following arguments:

Filter NameThe name of the filter you wish to apply to the game's graphics. All filters start with a dash (-). Filters are:
  • -none - this will disable any filter you have applied and return your graphics to normal
  • -norainbows - the no rainbows effect darkens the game's colors and increases the contrast
  • -watercolor - this filter gives the game a "watercolor" look, with brighter colors and higher contrast
  • -sepia - the sepia filter makes the game look like an old fashioned photograph that has a black and white, reddish-brown color scheme
  • -sixteenbit - this filter makes the game sixteen bit
  • -eightbit - this filter makes the game eight bit
  • -filmnoir - this filter makes the game black and white, and adds constant rain

Adventurelook Examples

Find below working examples of the adventureLook command.

adventureLook -none

This console command disables any adventureLook filter you have applied.

adventureLook -sepia

This command would apply the sepia filter to your game.