Spore Option Command

This command can do three different things. It can reset all of your options to default (-reset argument). It can save your current options (-save argument). Or, it can set the value of an option (to a value you specify). Typing 'option' into the console without any arguments will list all options with their current values.

Option Syntax

The syntax for the option command is as follows:

option [option name] [option value] [-save] [-reset]

This command has the following arguments:

Option NameIf you aren't saving or resetting options - specify the name of the option you wish to change here.
Option ValueIf you aren't saving or resetting options - specify the value you wish to set your specified option to here.
-saveSpecify -save as an argument to save your current options (so that they stay when you restart your game).
-resetSpecify -reset as an argument to restore all of your options to the way they were when you first played the game (default).

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Option Examples

Find below working examples of the option command.


The above console command would list all of your current options

option -save

This command would save your options.

option -reset

This console command would reset your options to default.

option OptionLighting 1

This command would set the lighting option (OptionLighting) to 1, which is a lower quality setting that its default (3).