Spore Freedom Command

This cheat greatly increases the complexity limits that are usually in place when creating a creature in the Creature Creator, allowing you to make more complex creatures. Note that this doesn't allow you to make infinitely complex creatures, the limit is increased a large amount, but it isn't infinite, so if you make a creature that is too complex it will not be pollinated.

Freedom Syntax

The syntax for the freedom command is as follows:

freedom [on / off] Joker Badge

This command has the following arguments:

On / OffSpecify 'on' (without quotes) here to increase complexity limits. Specify 'off' (without quotes) here to restore complexity limits to normal.

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Freedom Examples

Find below working examples of the freedom command.

freedom on

This command would make it so that the complexity limits in the Creature Creator are raised by a large amount.

freedom off

This cheat would turn the complexity limits back on to their normal values.