Spore History Command

This command has been reported as not working in newer versions of the game. It should print a list of commands you have entered into the console (i.e. your command history). You can optionally specify a number to view only that amount of latest commands from the command history - i.e. 'history 3' would list the 3 latest commands you entered into the console.

History Syntax

The syntax for the history command is as follows:

history [amount]

This command has the following arguments:

AmountThe amount of commands you wish to view from the command history, latest first. 5 would list the 5 most recent commands you entered into the console.

History Examples

Find below working examples of the history command.


This command prints a list of all of all the cheat codes you have typed into the console (since you opened the game).

history 5

This command would show you the 5 most recent console commands you used.