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Ammunition is any item that is used as a projectile in a weapon - usually a gun.

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Schematics, also known as books, are blueprints that can be used to learn how to craft different items.

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Clothes are items that can be worn on your body - these range from armor such as helmets, to t-shirts, to hats, to boots (and more).

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Traps include not only conventional traps, but also objects that do unexpected harm or act as a defence such as barbed wire fences.

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Containers include any items that contain other items - these range from bath tubs, to cupboards, to food piles.

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Food is any item that can be consumed (exluding medical items), this category includes drinks such as water.

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Medical items are any items that serve a medical purpose - antibiotics, bandages, etc.

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Farming items are plants, seeds, and any other item associated with or needed for the cultivation of crops.

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Guns, also known as firearms, are weapons that fire ammunition.

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Tools are items that are used to assist with, or needed for, activities within 7DTD - e.g. hammers, chainsaws, etc.

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Melee weapons are any items that are used for melee combat - i.e. close-range combat that doesn't involve guns.

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