7 Days to Die Loglevel Command

This command will enable or disable log messages for the specified log level. This command can be used to hide log messages that are info, but show log messages that are errors.

Loglevel Syntax

The syntax for the loglevel command is as follows:

loglevel [log level] [true / false]

This command has the following arguments:

Log LevelThe log level you wish to enable or disable messages for. Log levels are:
  • INF (information)
  • WRN (warning)
  • ERR (error)
  • EXC
  • ALL
true / falseSpecify true to enable logging for the specified log level, specify false to disable.

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Loglevel Examples

Find below working examples of the loglevel command.

loglevel INF false

This command disables INF (information) level logging.

loglevel ERR true

This command enables ERR (error) level logging (which is enabled by default).