7 Days to Die Repairchunkdensity Command

This command will check for mismatches within a chunk (specified by coordinates). If you specify 'fix' (without quotes) at the end of this command, the game will attempt to repair any mismatches found within the specified chunk.

Repairchunkdensity Syntax

The syntax for the repairchunkdensity command is as follows:

repairchunkdensity [x z] ['fix']

This command has the following arguments:

X ZThe X and Z coordinates of a block within the chunk you wish to check - e.g. 300 400.
'fix'Optional - specify 'fix' (without quotes) after the coordinates to make the game attempt to fix any mismatch within the specified chunk.

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Repairchunkdensity Examples

Find below working examples of the repairchunkdensity command.

repairchunkdensity 200 400

This command will tell you if there are problems with the chunk at X200 and Z400.

repairchunkdensity 200 400 fix

The above console command will fix any problems with the chunk at coordinates X200 and Z400.