7 Days to Die Teleport Command

This console command can be used to teleport your character to a desired location. You can do one of the following: teleport to another player, teleport to a set of coordinates, or move yourself a set amount of coordinates left/right/up/down/forward/backwards (offset). See argument information for more help.

Teleport Syntax

The syntax for the teleport command is as follows:

teleport [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction]

This command has the following arguments:

Steam ID / Player Name / Entity IDIf you wish to teleport to another player, enter the player's name, Steam ID, or entity ID here. List entity IDs with the 'listplayerids' command.
X Y ZIf you wish to teleport to a set of coordinates, enter them here (separated by spaces) - e.g. 100 40 40. You can ommit the Y coordinate if you do not wish to specify a height (in this case you will be teleported to the highest point at the specified X Z coordinates).
offset X Y ZIf you wish to teleport forward/backwards/left/right a set amount of coordinates (e.g. move 5 coordinates to the left), specify 'offset' (without quotes) followed by your desired X, Y and Z coordinates. To move 5 coordinates forward, you'd use 'teleport offset 5 0 0'.
View DirectionOptional. The direction you wish to make yourself face after teleporting, one of the following:
  • n
  • ne
  • e
  • se
  • s
  • sw
  • w
  • sw

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Teleport Examples

Find below working examples of the teleport command.

teleport 76503193962430302

This command would teleport you to the player with Steam ID 76503193962430302.

teleport 300 200

This console command would teleport you to highest point at the coordinates 300 X and 200 Z.

teleport offset 10 0 10

This command would teleport change your current coordinates by +10X +0Y and +10Z (i.e. teleport you 10 coordinates forward, and 10 coordinates to the right).

teleport 300 200 n

This command would do the same as the second example, but make you face north after teleporting.