7 Days to Die Weather Command

This command changes the world's weather to the weather you specify.

Weather Syntax

The syntax for the weather command is as follows:

weather [weather setting]

This command has the following arguments:

Weather SettingSpecify the ID of the weather type you wish to set the weather to here. Some weather types require an additional value - e.g. SnowFall requires that you specify a number between 0 and 1 that determines how much snow there should be (e.g. 'weather snowfall 0.5'). Weather types (weather types with values in [ ] need to be replaced: [0-1] means a number between 0 and 1):
  • normalize
  • SnowFall [0-1]
  • Rain [0-1]
  • Wet [0-1]
  • Snow [0-1]
  • Clouds [0-1]
  • Temp [Temperature]
  • Fog [0-1]
  • FogStart [Distance]
  • FogEnd [Distance]
  • DefaultSnowFall
  • DefaultRain
  • DefaultWet
  • DefaultSnow
  • DefaultClouds
  • DefaultTemp
  • DefaultFog
  • Defaults

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Weather Examples

Find below working examples of the weather command.

weather Rain 0.5

This command would start rainfall at 0.5 severity (1 being the highest, 0 being the lowest).

weather DefaultSnow

This command starts the default snow weather.

weather normalize

This console command restores weather to its default behaviour.