Crusader Kings 2 Add_offmap_currency Command

This command gives you the specified amount of currency for the specified offmap power. Specify a negative amount to remove currency.

Add_offmap_currency Syntax

The syntax for the add_offmap_currency command is as follows:

add_offmap_currency [offmap power id] [amount]

This command has the following arguments:

Offmap Power IDThe ID of the offmap power you wish to add/remove currency for (e.g. offmap_china).
AmountThe amount of currency you wish to add, specify a negative amount to remove.

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Add_offmap_currency Examples

Find below working examples of the add_offmap_currency command.

add_offmap_currency offmap_china 1000

This command would give you 1,000 grace with china (the currency of China, which has offmap power ID offmap_china).

add_offmap_currency offmap_china -1000

This command would remove 1,000 of your grace with china.