Crusader Kings 2 Fow Command

This command enables and disables (toggles) fog of war (FOW) in the province with the specified ID. If you do not specify a province ID, fog of war will be toggled across the entire map.

Fow Syntax

The syntax for the fow command is as follows:

fow [province id]

This command has the following arguments:

Province IDOptional - the ID of the province you wish to toggle fog of war within. Don't specify anything here to toggle FOW for the entire map. Find a list of all province IDs at:

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Fow Examples

Find below working examples of the fow command.


This command will toggle Fog of War for the entire map - i.e. if FOW is disabled, this will enable it, if FOW is enabled, this will disable it.

fow 17

Hereford has a province ID of 17. This command would toggle Fog of War for the Hereford province.