Crusader Kings 2 Game_paused Command

This command sets the game's pause state - true being paused and false being unpaused. If you don't specify true or false as an argument, the pause state will be toggled.

Game_paused Syntax

The syntax for the game_paused command is as follows:

game_paused [true / false]

This command has the following arguments:

True / FalseSpecify 'true' here (without quotes) to pause the game. Specify 'false' here (without quotes) to unpause the game.

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Game_paused Examples

Find below working examples of the game_paused command.


This command will toggle the pause state of the game - i.e. if the game is paused, this will unpause it, if it is not paused, this will pause it.

game_paused true

This command will pause the game.

game_paused false

This command will unpause the game.