Crusader Kings 2 Spawn_disease Command

This command starts an outbreak of the disease with the specified ID in a specified provice (specified by its province ID). See argument information for disease IDs.

Spawn_disease Syntax

The syntax for the spawn_disease command is as follows:

spawn_disease [disease id] [province id]

This command has the following arguments:

Disease IDThe ID of the disease you wish to start an outbreak of. Disease IDs:
  • tuberculosis
  • typhoid_fever
  • typhus
  • bubonic_plague
  • measles
  • small_pox
  • syphilis
  • dancing_plague
Province IDThe ID of the province to spawn the disease in. Find a list of all province IDs at:

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Spawn_disease Examples

Find below working examples of the spawn_disease command.

spawn_disease measles 496

496 is the province ID of Constantinople (Greece), 'measles' is the disease ID for Measles. This command would start a Measles outbreak in Constantinople.

spawn_disease typhus 922

Tadmekka has a province ID of 922. This command would start an outbreak of Typhus (disease ID 'typhus') in Tadmekka.