Crusader Kings 2 Succ Command

This command changes the succession type of your kingdom - i.e. who is heir to the throne when your character dies. See argument information for succession type IDs.

Succ Syntax

The syntax for the succ command is as follows:

succ [succession type id]

This command has the following arguments:

Succession Type IDThe ID of the succession type you wish to make your kingdom's. Succession type IDs:
  • feudal_elective
  • primogeniture
  • gavelkind
  • seniority
  • tanistry
  • turkish_succession
  • merchant_republic_government
  • tribal_government
  • nomadic_government
  • chinese_imperial_government
  • confucian_bureaucracy

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Succ Examples

Find below working examples of the succ command.

succ feudal_elective

This console command would make your kingdom's succession type Fuedal Elective ('feudal_elective').

succ primogeniture

This command would make your kingdom's succession type Primogeniture - i.e. the firstborn son would inherit the throne.