Crusader Kings 3 Add_secret Command

This command adds a specified secret to the specified character. If no character is specified, then the secret will be added to your character. Using two character IDs will create a secret held by only those two characters.

Add_secret Syntax

The syntax for the add_secret command is as follows:

add_secret [secret id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Secret IDThe ID of the secret you want to add to your character.
Character IDThe IDs of the characters you want the secret to be added between.

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Add_secret Examples

Find below working examples of the add_secret command.

add_secret cannibal

This command adds the cannibal secret to your character.

add_secret adulterer 182 7842

This command adds the aldulterer secret between the character with ID 182 and the character with ID 7842.