Factorio Alerts Command

This command will enable, disable, mute or unmute a specified alert, relative to the parameters you specify.

Alerts Syntax

The syntax for the alerts command is as follows:

/alerts [enable / disable / mute / unmute] [alert type]

This command has the following arguments:

Enable / Disable / Mute / UnmuteOptions:
  • 'enable' - enable the specified alert type
  • 'disable' - disable the specified alert type
  • 'mute' - mute the specified alert type
  • 'unmute' - unmute the specified alert type
Alert TypeThe type of alert you wish to disable. Options:
  • entity_destroyed
  • entity_under_attack
  • not_enough_construction_robots
  • no_material_for_construction
  • not_enough_repair_packs
  • turret_fire
  • no_storage
  • custom

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Alerts Examples

Find below working examples of the alerts command.

/alerts disable entity_under_attack

Executing this command would disable the alert that is displayed when an entity is under attack.

/alerts enable entity_destroyed

Executing this command would enable the alert that is sent when an entity is destroyed (if it had previously been disabled).