Factorio Banlist Command

This command can be used to administrate the ban list: remove bans, add bans, clear all bans and view a list of all bans.

Banlist Syntax

The syntax for the banlist command is as follows:

/banlist [add / remove / get / clear] [player name]

This command has the following arguments:

Add / Remove / Get / ClearWhether you wish to add a ban, remove a ban, see all bans, or clear all bans. Options:
  • 'add' - used to ban a player (name is provided as second argument)
  • 'remove' - used to unban a player (name is provided as second argument)
  • 'get' - sends you a list of all current bans
  • 'clear' - removes/clears all issued bans
Player NameOnly required if you are using 'add' or 'remove'. The name of the player you wish to add or remove a ban from.

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Banlist Examples

Find below working examples of the banlist command.

/banlist add john23

Executing this command would add the player with username 'john23' to the banlist, banning them from the server.

/banlist remove john23

Executing this command would remove the player with username 'john23' from the banlist. This would unban them from the server.

/banlist get

This command will send you a list of the names of all players who are currently banned.

/banlist clear

Executing this command will reset all bans, meaning all existing players will be unbanned.