Factorio Kick Command

This command will kick a specified player from the server. Kicking is not the same as banning - after a player is kicked from the server, they can still reconnect.

Kick Syntax

The syntax for the kick command is as follows:

/kick [player name] [kick reason] Admin Only

This command has the following arguments:

Player NameThe name of the player you wish to kick from the server.
Kick ReasonThe reason you are kicking the player. This will be shown as a message to the player when they are kicked from the server.

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Kick Examples

Find below working examples of the kick command.

/kick john23 Being annoying

This command would kick the player with username 'john23' from the server with the message/reason 'Being annoying'.

/kick anotherguy1 Example reason

The above admin command would kick 'anotherguy1' from the server with the kick message 'Example reason'.