Imperator: Rome Make_child Command

Note that this command has been reported as buggy and may make your game crash (save before using). This command will make the two specified characters have a child. The first character ID is the mother's character ID, the second character ID is the father's character ID.

Make_child Syntax

The syntax for the make_child command is as follows:

make_child [character id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character IDThe character ID of the child's mother.
Character IDThe character ID of the child's father.

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Make_child Examples

Find below working examples of the make_child command.

make_child 3038 2111

Note that the above example may crash your game. In our save, 3038 is the character ID for Artystone Artashid (mother), and 2111 is the character ID for Cowaske Kausika (father) - the above command would make these two characters have a baby.