Imperator: Rome State_loyalty Command

This command adds the specified amount of state loyalty to the specified province. If you specify a negative amount, the province's loyalty to the state will be reduced by that amount.

State_loyalty Syntax

The syntax for the state_loyalty command is as follows:

state_loyalty [province id] [amount]

This command has the following arguments:

Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to change the state loyalty of.
AmountThe amount of state loyalty you wish to add to the province - negative numbers reduce state loyalty.

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State_loyalty Examples

Find below working examples of the state_loyalty command.

state_loyalty 4259 2

4259 is the province ID for Triballia - this command would increase this province's state loyalty by 2.

state_loyalty 4243 -5

4243 is Crobyzoia's province ID, the above example would decrease Crobyzoia's state loyalty by 5.