KOTOR and KOTOR II Giveitem Command

This command adds the item with the specified item ID to your inventory. See https://commands.gg/kotor/items for a list of all item codes.

Giveitem Syntax

The syntax for the giveitem command is as follows:

giveitem [item code]

This command has the following arguments:

Item CodeThe item code of the item you wish to give to yourself.

Giveitem Examples

Find below working examples of the giveitem command.

giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01

The blue lightsaber has an item ID of g_w_lghtsbr01. This command would give you a blue lightsaber.

giveitem g_w_blstrcrbn002

g_w_blstrcrbn002 is the item code for the Sith Assault Gun. This cheat would give you a Sith Assault Gun.

giveitem g_i_credits005

The 100 credit stack item has the code g_i_credits005 - this console command would give you the 100 credit stack item.