KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 Warp Codes

Find below a searchable list of all 175 KOTOR warps, for both KOTOR I and KOTOR II on Steam (PC / Mac). On this page, you can also find documentation for the warp command to use these with.

Warps labelled with the KOTOR 1 badge are for KOTOR I, and those labelled with the KOTOR 2 badge are only available in KOTOR II.

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warp Command Documentation

warp [warp code]

This command warps your character to the specified location. See command page for a list of all warp codes.

Warp CodeThe warp code of the location you wish to teleport to.


Find below working examples of the warp command.

warp tar_m02af

The Hideout in Taris has the warp code tar_m02af. This cheat code would teleport you to the Hideout. As the Hideout is a location in KOTOR 1, this command would only work in KOTOR 1, not KOTOR 2.

warp 512ond

Iziz Western Square in Onderon has a warp code of 512ond, this console command would teleport you there. As the Iziz Western Square is a location from KOTOR 2, this cheat only works in KOTOR 2.

Location Warp Code
Command Module (Endar Spire) KOTOR 1 end_m01aa
Starboard Section (Endar Spire) KOTOR 1 end_m01ab
South Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02aa
Upper City North (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02ab
Upper City South (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02ac
North Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02ad
Upper City Cantina (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02ae
Hideout (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m02af
Lower City (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m03aa
Lower City Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m03ab
Lower City Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m03ad
Javyar's Cantina (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m03ae
Swoop Platform (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m03af
Undercity (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m04aa
Lower Sewers (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m05aa
Upper Sewers (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m05ab
Davik's Estate (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m08aa
Sith Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m09aa
Sith Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m09ab
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m10aa
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m10ab
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m10ac
Hidden Bek Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m11aa
Hidden Bek Base (Taris) KOTOR 1 tar_m11ab
Jedi Enclave (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm13
Courtyard (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm14aa
Matale Grounds (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm14ab
Grove (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm14ac
Sandral Grounds (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm14ad
Crystal Caves (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm14ae
Ruins (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm15
Sandral Estate (Dantooine) KOTOR 1 danm16
Anchorhead (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17aa
Docking Bay (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17ab
Droid Shop (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17ac
Hunting Lodge (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17ad
Swoop Registration (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17ae
Cantina (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17af
Czerka Office (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m17ag
Dune Sea (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m18aa
Sand People Territory (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m18ab
Eastern Dune Sea (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m18ac
Sand People Enclave (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 tat_m20aa
Tatooine Temple (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 m19aa
Early Tatooine Swoop Racing Area (Tatooine) KOTOR 1 m45mg
Czerka Landing Port (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m22aa
The Great Walkway (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m22ab
Village of Rwookrrorro (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m23aa
Worrwill's Home (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m23ab
Worrroznor's Home (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m23ac
Chieftain's Hall (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m23ad
Upper Shadowlands (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m24aa
Lower Shadowlands (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 kas_m25aa
Part of Kashyyyk (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1 m25ab
Ahto West (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm26aa
Ahto East (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm26ab
West Central (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm26ac
Docking Bay (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm26ad
East Central (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm26ae
Sith Base (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm27aa
Hrakert Station (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm28aa
Sea Floot (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm28ab
Kolto Control (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm28ac
Hrakert Rift (Manaan) KOTOR 1 manm28ad
Dreshdae (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m33aa
Sith Academy Entrance (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m33ab
Shyrack Caves (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m34aa
Sith Academy Entrance (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m35aa
Valley of Dark Lords (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m36aa
Tomb of Ajunta Pall (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m37aa
Tomb of Marka Ragnos (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m38aa
Tomb of Tulak Hord (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m38ab
Tomb of Naga Sadow (Korriban) KOTOR 1 korr_m39aa
Czerka depot (Korriban) KOTOR 1 m21aa
Prison Block (Leviathan) KOTOR 1 lev_m40aa
Command Deck (Leviathan) KOTOR 1 lev_m40ab
Hangar (Leviathan) KOTOR 1 lev_m40ac
Bridge (Leviathan) KOTOR 1 lev_m40ad
Yavin Station (Yavin Station) KOTOR 1 liv_m99aa
Bridge (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 1 ebo_m12aa
Mystery Box (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 1 ebo_m46ab
Central Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m41aa
South Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m41ab
North Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m41ac
Temple Exterior (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m41ad
Elder Settlement (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m42aa
Rakatan Settlement (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m43aa
Temple Main Floor (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m44aa
Temple Catacombs (Unknown World) KOTOR 1 unk_m44ab
Deck 1 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1 sta_m45aa
Deck 2 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1 sta_m45ab
Deck 3 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1 sta_m45ac
Deck 4 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1 sta_m45ad
Ebon Hawk Interior (Prologue) KOTOR 2 001ebo
Ebon Hawk Exterior Hull (Prologue) KOTOR 2 002ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 003ebo
Interior Red Eclipse Slayer Invasion [1] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 004ebo
Escape from Peragus [2] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 005ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 006ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 007ebo
Administration Level (Peragus) KOTOR 2 101per
Mining Tunnels (Peragus) KOTOR 2 102per
Fuel Depot (Peragus) KOTOR 2 103per
Asteroid Exterior (Peragus) KOTOR 2 104per
Dormitories (Peragus) KOTOR 2 105per
Hangar Bay (Peragus) KOTOR 2 106per
Turret Minigame [2] (Peragus) KOTOR 2 107per
Command Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2 151har
Crew Quarters (Harbinger) KOTOR 2 152har
Engine Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2 153har
Command Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2 154har
Dock Module (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 201tel
Entertainment (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 202tel
Residential 082 East (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 203tel
Residential 082 West (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 204tel
Cutscene with Carth Onasi [3] (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 205tel
Cantina (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 207tel
Bumani Exchange Corp. (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 208tel
Czerka Offices (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 209tel
Swoop Track [4] (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 211tel
Suburban (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 220tel
Suburban (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 221tel
Entertainment Module 081 (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2 222tel
Restoration Zone [5] (Telos) KOTOR 2 231tel
Underground Base (Telos) KOTOR 2 232tel
Czerka Site (Telos) KOTOR 2 233tel
Polar Plateau (Telos) KOTOR 2 261tel
Secret Academy (Telos) KOTOR 2 262tel
Refugee Landing Pad (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 301nar
Refugee Quad (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 302nar
Docks (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 303nar
Jekk'Jekk Tarr (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 304nar
Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 305nar
Entertainment Promenade (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 306nar
Goto's Yacht (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 351nar
Goto Cutscene [6] (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 352nar
Swoop Track [4] (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2 371nar
Jungle Landing (Dxun) KOTOR 2 401dxn
Jungle (Dxun) KOTOR 2 402dxn
Mandalorian Ruins (Dxun) KOTOR 2 403dxn
Mandalorian Cache (Dxun) KOTOR 2 404dxn
Jungle Tomb (Dxun) KOTOR 2 410dxn
Sith Tomb (Dxun) KOTOR 2 411dxn
Turret Minigame [2] (Dxun) KOTOR 2 421dxn
Iziz Spaceport (Onderon) KOTOR 2 501ond
Iziz Merchant Quarter (Onderon) KOTOR 2 502ond
Iziz Cantina (Onderon) KOTOR 2 503ond
Sky Ramp (Onderon) KOTOR 2 504ond
Turret Minigame [2] (Onderon) KOTOR 2 505ond
Royal Palace (Onderon) KOTOR 2 506ond
Swoop Track [4] (Onderon) KOTOR 2 510ond
Iziz Merchant Quarter Invasion [7] (Onderon) KOTOR 2 511ond
Iziz Western Square (Onderon) KOTOR 2 512ond
Khoonda Plains (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 601dan
Khoonda (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 602dan
Khoonda Plains Cutscenes [8] (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 603dan
Crystal Cave (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 604dan
Enclave Courtyard (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 605dan
Enclave Sublevel (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 610dan
Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (Dantooine) KOTOR 2 650dan
Valley of the Dark Lords (Korriban) KOTOR 2 701kor
Sith Academy (Korriban) KOTOR 2 702kor
Shyrack Cave (Korriban) KOTOR 2 710kor
Secret Tomb (Korriban) KOTOR 2 711kor
Command Deck (Ravager) KOTOR 2 851nih
Bridge (Ravager) KOTOR 2 852nih
Nihilus/Visas Cutscene (Ravager) KOTOR 2 853nih
Surface (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 901mal
Depths (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 902mal
Trayus Academy (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 903mal
Trayus Core (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 904mal
Trayus Crescent (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 905mal
Trayus Proving Grounds (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 906mal
Kreia/Sion Cutscene (Malachor V) KOTOR 2 907mal
Escape From Telos Cutscene [9] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2 950cor