Left 4 Dead 2 Bind Command

This command will bind the specified command(s) to the specified key.

Bind Syntax

The syntax for the bind command is as follows:

bind [key] [command(s)]

This command has the following arguments:

KeyThe key you wish to bind the commands to.
Command(s)The command(s) you wish to bind to the key. If specifying command(s) with spaces, put this argument in quotation marks. You can specify multiple commands by adding a semi colon after each command.

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Bind Examples

Find below working examples of the bind command.

bind O "noclip"

This command would bind the "noclip" command to your O key - i.e. whenever you press O, noclip mode would be toggled.

bind O "noclip; burn"

This command would bind both the noclip command and the burn command to the O key.