Left 4 Dead 2 Director_no_survivor_bots Command

This command, if set to 1, will disable survivor bots, meaning the only players on your team will be yourself (and any other human players).

Director_no_survivor_bots Syntax

The syntax for the director_no_survivor_bots command is as follows:

director_no_survivor_bots [0 / 1] sv_cheats Default Value: 0

This command has the following arguments:

0 / 1Set to 0 to allow bots on the survivors team (default). Set to 1 to not fill the survivor team with bot survivors.

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Director_no_survivor_bots Examples

Find below working examples of the director_no_survivor_bots command.

director_no_survivor_bots 0

This command enables survivor bots (default).

director_no_survivor_bots 1

This command disables survivor bots - only real players (i.e. you and friends/other players on the server) will be on the survivor team.