Left 4 Dead 2 Give Command Help

On this page, you can find documentation (help and examples) for the L4D2 give command, along with a list of all 39 item and gun IDs to use with the give command to spawn them in the game.

L4D2 Console Commands

give Command Documentation

give [item id] Default Value:

This command will give you the specified weapon or item (or health/ammo). See command page for a list of weapons, items, and other things that you can give with this command.

Item IDThe ID of the item, weapon, or other give ID, you wish to give to your character.


Find below working examples of the give command.

give health

This command would fully restore your health.

give ammo

This cheat would fully restore your ammo.

give pumpshotgun

This console command would give you a pump shotgun.

give katana

This command gives you a katana.

Item Name Item ID
Refill Health health
Ammunition ammo
Dual Pistol pistol
Magnum Pistol pistol_magnum
Automatic Shotgun autoshotgun
Chrome Shotgun shotgun_chrome
Pump Shotgun pumpshotgun
SPAS Shotgun shotgun_spas
SMG smg
MP5 smg_mp5
SMG (Silenced) smg_silenced
AK-47 rifle_ak47
SG552 rifle_sg552
M16 rifle
M60 rifle_m60
Combat Rifle rifle_desert
Hunting Rifle hunting_rifle
Sniper Rifle sniper_military
AWP sniper_awp
Scout Sniper sniper_scout
Grenade Launcher weapon_grenade_launcher
Hunter Claws melee
Boomer Bile vomitjar
Chainsaw chainsaw
Frying Pan frying_pan
Guitar electric_guitar
Katana katana
Machete machete
Nightstick tonfa
Molotov Cocktail molotov
Pipe Bomb pipe_bomb
Active Pipe Bomb (about to explode) activepipebomb
Propane Tank propanetank
Gas Can gascan
Oxygen Tank oxygentank
First Aid Kit first_aid_kit
Defibrillator defibrilator
Adrenaline adrenaline
Pain Pills pain_pills