Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter_pz_claw_dmg Command

This command sets how much damage a PZ hunter's melee attack will deal.

Hunter_pz_claw_dmg Syntax

The syntax for the hunter_pz_claw_dmg command is as follows:

hunter_pz_claw_dmg [damage] sv_cheats Default Value: 6

This command has the following arguments:

DamageA number - the amount of damage a PZ hunter's melee attack should do (default is 6).

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Hunter_pz_claw_dmg Examples

Find below working examples of the hunter_pz_claw_dmg command.

hunter_pz_claw_dmg 12

This command makes a PZ hunter's melee attack deal 12 damage (double the default, which is 6).