Left 4 Dead 2 R_flashlightconstant Command

This command sets the constant for your flashlight - i.e. how fast the light from your flashlight drops off. With this at a higher number, your flashlight will be more effective at further distances.

R_flashlightconstant Syntax

The syntax for the r_flashlightconstant command is as follows:

r_flashlightconstant [constant] sv_cheats Default Value: 0

This command has the following arguments:

ConstantA number (e.g. 1) - your flashlight's constant for light fall-off, higher numbers allow you to light up further into the distance.

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R_flashlightconstant Examples

Find below working examples of the r_flashlightconstant command.

r_flashlightconstant 2

This command sets your flashlight's constant to 2, which allows you to see at further distances.