Left 4 Dead 2 R_flashlightfar Command

This command sets the maximum distance your flashlight can light up. Default is 750.

R_flashlightfar Syntax

The syntax for the r_flashlightfar command is as follows:

r_flashlightfar [distance] sv_cheats Default Value: 750

This command has the following arguments:

DistanceA number - the distance light from your flashlight will travel.

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R_flashlightfar Examples

Find below working examples of the r_flashlightfar command.

r_flashlightfar 1500

This command makes your flashlight shine up to 1,500 units into the distance, which is two times as far as the default distance (750), allowing you to light up further distances.

r_flashlightfar 325

This console command would set your flashlight distance to 325, which is half the distance light from your flashlight can travel by default (default is 750).