Left 4 Dead 2 R_flashlightfov Command

This command sets the field-of-view (FOV) for your flashlight. The FOV is how wide the light of your flashlight is. With this at a higher number, the light from your flashlight will be more spread out (cover more area).

R_flashlightfov Syntax

The syntax for the r_flashlightfov command is as follows:

r_flashlightfov [fov] sv_cheats Default Value: 53

This command has the following arguments:

FOVA number - your desired flashlight FOV. The best possible FOV is 179 (i.e. 179 degrees range). Default is 53.

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R_flashlightfov Examples

Find below working examples of the r_flashlightfov command.

r_flashlightfov 179

This command sets your flashlight's field of view to 179, which is the widest possible FOV.

r_flashlightfov 20

This command sets your flashlight's field of view to 20, which is much lower than the default amount, meaning your flashlight would light up less.