Left 4 Dead 2 Sv_noclipspeed Command

This cheat sets the speed you fly/move at when in noclip mode. By default, this is set to 5.

Sv_noclipspeed Syntax

The syntax for the sv_noclipspeed command is as follows:

sv_noclipspeed [speed] Default Value: 5

This command has the following arguments:

SpeedA number - your desired speed to move at when in noclip mode.

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Sv_noclipspeed Examples

Find below working examples of the sv_noclipspeed command.

sv_noclipspeed 5

This command sets the noclip speed to its default speed - if you haven't used this command before, this will not have any effect.

sv_noclipspeed 1

This command would make you move at normal character speed with noclip (5 times slower than noclip default).

sv_noclipspeed 10

This command would make the speed players in noclip mode move be 10x as fast as normal movement speed (i.e. 10x the speed that a character not in noclip mode would move at).