Left 4 Dead 2 Tongue_range Command

This cheat sets the maximum range of the tongue attack of the Smoker. This is set to 750 by default - higher values mean it has more range, lower values mean it has less.

Tongue_range Syntax

The syntax for the tongue_range command is as follows:

tongue_range [distance] sv_cheats Default Value: 750

This command has the following arguments:

DistanceThe maximum range of The Smoker's tongue attack.

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Tongue_range Examples

Find below working examples of the tongue_range command.

tongue_range 750

This command sets the Smoker's tongue attack range to its default value.

tongue_range 1500

This console command would make it so the Smoker's tongue attack range is 1,500, which would allow it to attack from two times its default distance (750).