Left 4 Dead 2 Z_Spawn Command Help

Below is a searchable list of all zombie IDs for use with the z_spawn command in L4D2 on Steam. You can also find documentation for the z_spawn command, which includes working examples.

L4D2 Console Commands

z_spawn Command Documentation

z_spawn [npc id]

This command will spawn the NPC with the specified ID. See command page for NPC IDs.

NPC IDThe ID of the NPC you wish to spawn.


Find below working examples of the z_spawn command.

z_spawn zombie

This cheat spawns a normal zombie.

z_spawn mob

This command spawns a mob of zombies.

z_spawn witch

This console command spawns a witch.

Zombie Name Zombie ID
Normal Zombie zombie
Spitter Zombie spitter
Jockey Zombie jockey
Charger Zombie charger
Horde of Zombies horde
Mob of Zombies mob
Boomer boomer
Hunter hunter
Witch witch
Smoker smoker
Tank tank