Left 4 Dead 2 Z_speed Command

This command sets the maximum speed zombies can accelerate to when moving. By default, this is set to 250.

Z_speed Syntax

The syntax for the z_speed command is as follows:

z_speed [speed] sv_cheats Default Value: 250

This command has the following arguments:

SpeedA number - the maximum (peak) movement speed of zombies.

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Z_speed Examples

Find below working examples of the z_speed command.

z_speed 250

This command sets the zombie movement speed to its default value - if you haven't changed this before, this command will do nothing.

z_speed 500

This command sets the zombie movement speed to 500, which would make them 2x as fast as usual.

z_speed 125

This command would make it so that all zombies have a maximum movement speed of 125, which is half of their usual speed (250).