Left 4 Dead 2 Z_witch_anger_rate Command

This command sets how close you can get to a witch before startling her. Default is 0.2, setting this command to 0 would allow you to get very close without startling, a higher number would make it easier to startle witches.

Z_witch_anger_rate Syntax

The syntax for the z_witch_anger_rate command is as follows:

z_witch_anger_rate [rate] sv_cheats Default Value: 0.2

This command has the following arguments:

Rate0 would make a witch not become startled when standing next to her. Higher numbers make it easier to startle witches.

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Z_witch_anger_rate Examples

Find below working examples of the z_witch_anger_rate command.

z_witch_anger_rate 0.2

This command sets the witch anger rate to its default value.

z_witch_anger_rate 0.4

This command makes the witch anger rate 0.4, which is higher than its default value. This means a witch will get angry faster and at further distances.