Medieval II: Total War Add_money Command

This command will give you the specified amount of money. You can optionally specify a faction type before the amount to give money to that faction (instead of yourself). To remove money, specify a negative amount.

Add_money Syntax

The syntax for the add_money command is as follows:

add_money [faction name,] [amount]

This command has the following arguments:

Faction Name,Optional - you don't need to specify anything here if you want to give yourself money. The faction type you wish to add or remove money from. If you do specify a faction type here, you need to add a comma after the name (e.g. "add_money England, 1000", without quotes). Faction names/IDs:
  • byzantium
  • denmark
  • egypt
  • england
  • france
  • hre
  • hungary
  • milan
  • mongols
  • moors
  • normans
  • papal_states
  • poland
  • portugal
  • rebels
  • russia
  • scotland
  • sicily
  • spain
  • timurids
  • turks
  • venice
  • aztecs
AmountThe amount of money you wish to give yourself, or (if you specified a faction type) the specified faction. Specify a negative amount to remove money: -5 would remove 5 money.

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Add_money Examples

Find below working examples of the add_money command.

add_money 100

This command would give you 100 money.

add_money -100

The above console command would remove 100 money from your balance.

add_money England, 10

This command would add 10 money to the England faction.