Medieval II: Total War Auto_win Command

This command will make the specified team (attacker or defender) automatically win the next auto resolved battle. To win your battle, when on the battle scroll, use this command (adjust based on whether you are attacker or defender), and then use auto resolve.

Auto_win Syntax

The syntax for the auto_win command is as follows:

auto_win [attacker / defender]

This command has the following arguments:

Attacker / DefenderSpecify 'attacker' here (without quotes) to make the attacker (the one who started/declared the battle) win the battle. Specify 'defender' here to make the defender (the one who is being attacked) win the battle.

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Auto_win Examples

Find below working examples of the auto_win command.

auto_win attacker

This command would make the attacker win the next auto-resolved battle.

auto_win defender

This command would make the faction being attacked win the next auto-resolved battle.