Medieval II: Total War Remove_trait Command

This command will remove all traits, or a specified trait, from the character with the specified name.

Remove_trait Syntax

The syntax for the remove_trait command is as follows:

remove_trait [character name] [trait id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character NameThe name of the character you wish to remove the trait from. Put quotation marks (") on either side of the name if it has a space in it.
Trait IDOptional - if you do not specify a trait ID here, all traits will be removed from the specified character. The ID of the trait you wish to remove from the character.

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Remove_trait Examples

Find below working examples of the remove_trait command.

remove_trait Aston

This console command would remove all traits from the character named Aston.

remove_trait Godzimir OpenMinded

This command would remove the "Open Minded" trait from the character with name Godzimir.