Medieval II: Total War Run_ai Command

This command re-enables the AI after you have previously disabled it with the disable_ai or halt_ai commands. Use the 'x' argument to re-enable all types of AI (if you have disabled them individually using the disable_ai command).

Run_ai Syntax

The syntax for the run_ai command is as follows:

run_ai [x]

This command has the following arguments:

xOptional. Specify 'x' (without quotes) here if you wish to re-enable all individual parts of the AI that you have previously disabled (with the disable_ai command).

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Run_ai Examples

Find below working examples of the run_ai command.


This command would re-enable the AI if you have disabled it with disable_ai or run_ai.

run_ai x

This console command would re-enable any individual AI types you have disabled (e.g. priest AI).