Medieval II: Total War Toggle_terrain Command

This command changes the way the map terrain is displayed/highlighted in the game. See argument information for the terrain types.

Toggle_terrain Syntax

The syntax for the toggle_terrain command is as follows:

toggle_terrain [terrain display id]

This command has the following arguments:

Terrain Display IDOptional - to reset the terrain display to default, don't specify anything here (just the command "toggle_terrain"). The ID of the terrain display you wish to switch to. Terrain display IDs:
  • region
  • tiletype
  • climate
  • choke
  • landing
  • frontier
  • features
  • frontier_defend

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Toggle_terrain Examples

Find below working examples of the toggle_terrain command.

toggle_terrain region

This command would toggle the "region" display for the map.


This command would revert the map's terrain display to normal.