SCUM Ban Command

The Ban command will ban a player, specified by their character name, Steam64 ID or Steam name, from the server. When a player is banned, they are unable to connect to the server. If a player is online when they are banned, they will be kicked (and be unable to reconnect). To unban a player, you must remove the player's Steam64 ID from the ban list in your server panel: currently, there is no unban command.

Ban Syntax

The syntax for the Ban command is as follows:

#ban [player]

This command has the following arguments:

PlayerThe Steam64 ID, Steam name, or character name, of the player you wish to ban from the server.

Ban Examples

Find below working examples of the Ban command.

#Ban 76671197385473283

This example uses a Steam64 ID ("76671197385473283"). If you were to use this command, the player with the Steam64ID 76671197385473283 would be banned from the server.

#Ban SCUMPlayer22

The above console command would ban the player with the character name, or Steam name, SCUMPlayer22.