SCUM Kick Command

The Kick admin command will kick a player, specified by their character name, Steam64 ID or Steam name, from the server. Kicking a player disconnects them from the server, unlike a ban, they are able to reconnect after being disconnects.

Kick Syntax

The syntax for the Kick command is as follows:

#kick [player]

This command has the following arguments:

PlayerThe Steam64 ID, Steam name, or character name, of the player you wish to kick from the server.

Kick Examples

Find below working examples of the Kick command.

#Kick 76561198085473283

The above command would kick the player with the Steam64 ID 76561198085473283 from the server, provided you are an admin.

#Kick SCUMPlayer22

This example is similar to the first, but we have instead specified a character name, "SCUMPlayer22", meaning the player with character name "SCUMPlayer22" would be kicked from the server. If there was a player with the Steam name "SCUMPlayer22", they would also be kicked.