SCUM Setweather Command

This command sets the weather in the game's world. 0 is sunny/clear skies, 1 is the strongest storm with wind, fog, rain, etc. A decimal number can be specified: 0.9 would be less severe than 1. 0.5 is the threshold for rain (0.5 and above is rainy weather).

Setweather Syntax

The syntax for the SetWeather command is as follows:

#setweather [0 - 1] Single Player

This command has the following arguments:

0 - 1A number between 0 and 1, 0 being sunny clear skies and 1 being the most severe form of weather. 0.5 is the rain threshold (0.5 and above is rainy weather).

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Setweather Examples

Find below working examples of the SetWeather command.

#SetWeather 0

This command would sets the weather to sunny, clear skies.

#SetWeather 1

This command sets the weather to the strongest possible storm with wind, rain and fog.

#SetWeather 0.5

This command will make the weather the least severe form of rain.

#SetWeather 0.4

This command makes the weather foggy/miserable but there is no rain.