SCUM Vehicle Spawn Codes

Find below a searchable list of all vehicle IDs, along with their spawn commands, for cars in SCUM on Steam (PC / Mac).

To spawn vehicles in SCUM, the #SpawnVehicle command is used. To use this command, simply replace [Vehicle Code] in #SpawnVehicle [Vehicle Code] with the code of the vehicle you wish to spawn from the below list.

For example, #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_A would spawn a Blue SUV.

SCUM Admin Commands SCUM Item IDs SCUM NPC IDs SCUM Blog
Name Code Spawn Command
Blue SUV BP_SUV_01_A Copy Spawn Command
Orange SUV BP_SUV_01_B Copy Spawn Command
Police SUV 1 BP_SUV_01_C Copy Spawn Command
Police SUV 2 BP_SUV_01_D Copy Spawn Command
Black SUV BP_SUV_01_E Copy Spawn Command