SCUM Visualizebullettrajectories Command

This command can be used to enable (true) and disable (false, default) bullet trajectories. When bullet trajectories are enabled, the path of bullets fired from guns will be rendered on your screen (a straight line from the location it was fired from to the location it collided with).

Visualizebullettrajectories Syntax

The syntax for the VisualizeBulletTrajectories command is as follows:

#visualizebullettrajectories [true / false] Single Player

This command has the following arguments:

true / falseSet to 'true' (without quotes) to enable bullet trajectories. Set to 'false' (without quotes) to disable bullet trajectories (false is the default setting).

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Visualizebullettrajectories Examples

Find below working examples of the VisualizeBulletTrajectories command.

#VisualizeBulletTrajectories false

This command disables bullet trajectories (default).

#VisualizeBulletTrajectories true

This command enables bullet trajectories.