Starbound Enabletech Command

This command unlocks the specified technology for your character.

Enabletech Syntax

The syntax for the enabletech command is as follows:

/enabletech [technology id] Debug Mode

This command has the following arguments:

Technology IDThe ID of the technology you wish to unlock for use. Tech IDs list:
  • Apex Mech - apexMechTech
  • Bubble Boost - bubbleboost
  • Butterfly Boost - butterflyboost
  • Camera Man Boost - cameramanboost
  • Energy Dash - dashTech
  • Glitch Mech - glitchMechTech
  • Gravity Bubble - jetpackTech
  • Gravity Neutraliser - hoverTech
  • Human Car - humancar
  • Human Jeep - humanjeep
  • Human Mech - humanMechTech
  • Morphball - morphballTech
  • Pulse Jump - doublejumpTech
  • Random Blink - randblinktech
  • Rocket Jump - rocketjump
  • Skyrail Rider - skyrailTech
  • Targeted Blink - targetblinktech

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Enabletech Examples

Find below working examples of the enabletech command.

/enabletech jetpacktech

The above command would enable jet pack tech for your character.

/enabletech rocketjump

The above command would enable rocket jump tech for your character.