Starbound Kick Command

This command kicks the player with the specified name or UUID (you can specify either) from the server. An optional kick reason can be provided, which will be shown to them when they are kicked from the server.

Kick Syntax

The syntax for the kick command is as follows:

/kick [username / uuid] [reason] Admin Only

This command has the following arguments:

Username / UUIDThe username or UUID of the player you wish to kick from the server. You can also specify a client ID.
ReasonOptional. The reason you wish to kick them from the server - this will be shown to the user as a message when they are kicked.

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Kick Examples

Find below working examples of the kick command.

/kick player44

The above command would kick the player with username 'player44' from the server.

/kick player44 Rude

As with the first example, this command would kick player44 from the server. This command would give the player the kick message 'Rude', as the reason argument has been provided.