Starbound Timewarp Command

This command will add the specified amount of seconds to the server's current time. Day/night cycles, and anything else dependent on time (like Outpost merchants) are affected by the time changes. Specify negative numbers to remove time (note that this will not rewind the game, it will only change the time/date of the game).

Timewarp Syntax

The syntax for the timewarp command is as follows:

/timewarp [seconds] Admin Only

This command has the following arguments:

SecondsThe amount of time in seconds to add to the game's current time. Specify a negative number to set back time.

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Timewarp Examples

Find below working examples of the timewarp command.

/timewarp 86400

86400 seconds is 24 hours. This command would skip time forward by one day.

/timewarp 43200

This command would move time forward 12 hours (43200 seconds).

/timewarp -43200

This command would move time backwards 12 hours (43200 seconds).